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Markets Served

With over four decades of dedicated service in the off-highway power solutions industry, Superior Diesel has cultivated an extensive portfolio of reliable product solutions across various OEM equipment applications. Our commitment to excellence extends across a diverse range of sectors, including:

  • Pumps and Irrigation: Engine solutions tailored for efficient pumping and irrigation systems.
  • Compressors: Powerful engines designed to meet the demanding needs of industrial compressors.
  • Generators: Reliable power solutions for generators, ensuring uninterrupted energy supply.
  • Earthmoving Equipment: High-performance engines to drive earthmoving machinery with precision.
  • Railway Maintenance Equipment: Specialized solutions for maintaining and enhancing railway systems.
  • Rock Crushers and Screeners: Robust engines powering rock crushers and screening equipment.
  • Concrete Paving and Maintenance Equipment: Tailored solutions for concrete paving and maintenance machinery.
  • Asphalt Paving Equipment: Engineered power solutions for efficient asphalt paving operations.
  • Municipal Maintenance Equipment: Reliable engines to support municipal maintenance tasks.
  • Industrial Vacuums: Powering industrial vacuum systems for effective cleaning applications.
  • Forestry Equipment: Purpose-built engines for forestry machinery, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Tree Care and Recycling Equipment: Customized solutions for tree care and recycling machinery.
  • Agricultural Equipment: High-efficiency engines for various agricultural applications.
  • Material Handling Equipment: Powerful solutions for material handling machinery in industrial settings.
  • Oil and Gas Machinery: Engine solutions designed to meet the rigorous demands of the oil and gas industry.
  • Commercial and Recreational Marine Applications: Marine engines for both commercial and recreational purposes.
  • Military: Trusted power solutions for military applications, ensuring reliability in critical operations

Our dedicated application engineers and product managers specialize in understanding your unique industry needs. At Superior Diesel, we take pride in delivering proven power solutions that provide your OEM equipment with a competitive advantage in the market. Explore the possibilities, and let us power your success across diverse applications.

Our professional staff is ready to assist you with your drivetrain and diesel engine requirements in whatever market you serve. Our skilled engineers can custom design products to fit your specific application needs and our production team is experienced and well versed in application and assembly.