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Contact Superior Diesel

Superior Diesel

3250 South Fox Ranch Road
Rhinelander, WI 54501

Phone: 715-365-0500
Fax: 715-365-0564

Parts Department:

Toll Free: 888-803-9175
Local: 330-769--1850
Fax: 330-769-1939

Please email all orders NOT being placed through JD Parts or JD Point to




Our Team

Dave Niles

VP Sales & Marketing

Contact Dave

Toll: 888-803-9175

Austin Hoffmann

OEM Engine Market Manager

Contact Austin

Toll: 888-803-9175

Trevor Orr

Kohler Product Manager

Contact Trevor

Cell: 715-360-7780

Zach Reeves

John Deere 350 Series Product Manager

Contact Zach

Desk: 715-365-0587

Scott McKitrick

Order Fulfillment Coordinator

Contact Scott

Toll: 888-803-9175

(Option 2, Option 2)

Jason Lowe

Order Fulfillment Coordinator

Contact Jason

Toll: 888-803-9175

(Option 2, Option 2)

Steve Haapala

Regional Sales Manager North (WI, MI, WEST IL)

Contact Steve Haapala

Cell: 715-490-0152

Brett Bennett

Regional Sales Manager South (EAST IL, IN, OH, KY, WV, WEST PA, WEST NY)

Contact Brett

Cell: 330-289-0800

Chris Ulrich

Area Manager

Contact Chris

Cell: 330-701-4025

Shawn Shea

Area Manager

Contact Shawn

Cell: 330-241-7193

Mark Domasky

Area Manager

Contact Mark

Cell: 715-492-0196

Mike Budzis

Area Manager

Contact Mike

Cell: 715-663-0637

Don Street

Funk Drivetrain Product Manager & Dealer Development

Contact Don

Desk: 330-975-4426

Bill Lee

Marine Engine Sales Manager

Contact Bill

Cell: 860-227-7402

Mike Van Donsel

Marine Product Manager

Contact Mike

Cell: 715-360-3073

Replacement Engine Team

Contact Replacement Engine Team

Desk: 888-803-9175

(Option 2, Option 4)

Product Support Team

Contact Product Support Team

Desk: 715-365-0549

Sheryl Seefeldt

HR Director

Contact Sheryl

Desk: 715-365-0533

Marine Engine Sales Team

New and Replacement Engines

Contact Marine Engine Sales Team

Phone: 1-800-225-8669

(Option 3, Option 2)

Our professional staff is ready to assist you with your drivetrain and diesel engine requirements in whatever market you serve. Our skilled engineers can custom design products to fit your specific application needs and our production team is experienced and well versed in application and assembly.